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The Soul Whale

Feel your heart 

Return to the portal where you belongs 

Brave and steadfast

Welcome my soul family,

We are so grateful to turn our memories of the inner ocean &universe into this deck.  May you feel the love and light in the journey of the inner ocean deep within your heart.

Blessing to you all.

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The_Magican 3.jpg

Find The Memory

These are the memory of the inner ocean



' It's been a long time,


Take my hand and let's go for a ride

As we catch up on all the changes around us


Do you remember the first time you arrived at the gate?


With a puzzled look on your face, you read the words on the stone tablet

Helplessly caught in the whirlpool's turmoil


You listened intently to the voice within

Surrounded by a radiant glow


Stepping through the gate,

The joyful tears in your eyes

Haha, it all seems just like yesterday


During your journey, whenever you face difficulties, remember that moment

Calm down

Feel with your heart

Listen with care

The guided path will eventually reveal itself


We'll all be sending our blessings from afar

Lurie will always be waiting for you ' 

Guided By The Light


From The Whales

New Arrival

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Find Your Ocean Spirit

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